Tuesday, June 3, 2008

School is in session - Jen

To me, a halter trained lamb is one that stands quietly and lets you put the halter on, then walks by your side with a slack lead. Usually the majority of our lambs are trained before they leave the farm. My process is pretty time consuming but well worth the effort when it comes time for routine sheep care - shots, hoof trimming, worming and shearing. Here are some young lambs waiting for their turn on the halter.

Tied to a post, they get used to the feel of the halter before they take a short walk with me. After a few weeks, I take each lamb on a walk around the fenceline. I sure don't need to spend much time on the treadmill this time of the year!

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Kara said...

What beautiful lambs! I'd love to see more upadated pictures with labels of who is who. You have inspired me to start halter training.