Monday, July 14, 2008

Package Pricing - Rich

We just completed another round of evaluations here at Whispering Pines and have put together a few nice packages on a few of the adult ewes and lambs that we have left. There are still some nice deals to be had on some very nice ewes!

Each package includes a both white and solid colored lambs, as well spots! All are very nice with very good to excellent conformations and tails! Six months ago, I couldn't have imagined selling some of these, but that was along time ago!

If you'd like to see pictures and a price list, let us know and we'll work with you to put together a package that fits your needs. We also have a few nice wethers to offer to those who would rather not breed this year.

Unfortunately, we only have one ram lamb left for sale, but he is excellent and I won't be hurt if I have to keep him.

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