Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ewe A Day - Dahlia and Jasmine

Still trying to catch up with this, but it seems as if my "Ewe A Day" has turned into a "Ewe A Week". With that in mind, here's a daily double for today.

Here are two nearly identical yuglet sokket katmoget twins out of Cihat and V Creek Fantasia. These two were fantastic from the time they were born, and I still like them. There’s barely a difference in them. I will admit that I’m biased by their striking markings, but their fleeces are also gorgeous (like their mother’s). We really like Cihat and Fantasia, but they are very different sheep, with one being the result of heavy AI, and the other a product of pure domestic lines. So, these two ewes are quite interesting. They are about as identical as lambs can get though. I can tell them apart, but it’s not easy. I really didn’t see a need to keep three nearly identical sheep, but these two and their mother convinced me to give it a try this year. I doubt we’ll have that luxury next year. My motto is enjoy them while you have them, because you never know what next year will bring.

Disregard the white one in the background. She apparently wanted a glamour shot of her own.


Donna said...

Very, very nice, Jen. I look forward to your "ewe a week" ;0)

Juliann said...

You're doing better than my "ewe a month", lol.
Beautiful girls!