Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jasmine's Ram

Jasmine is one of our own ewes out of V Creek Fantasia. We’ve liked her fleece from day one, and we were hoping to add some additional fineness to it by breeding her to Bond last fall. This ram is the successful result. He would be a great flock sire for someone breeding for spots, pattern, and fine fleece. He is a half-poll.
Sire: Wintertime Bond S29187
Dam: Whispering Pines Jasmine S29812
DOB: 4/20/10
Sex/Mult: Ram/Single
Genotype: AbA?/BBB?/SSSs/MMM?
Color: Black
Pattern: Katmoget
Spotting: Carries Spots
UK Content: 38%
Poll genetics: Half poll


Ok Acres said...

Love the color and crimp on this guy. If I didn't already have my rams purchased for this year, you and I would be having a talk. Good luck.

Rayna said...

Oh man if he weren't half color!