Thursday, February 3, 2011

Whispering Pines Egyptian King

Whispering Pines Egyptian King (Sheltering Pines Cor de Nuit x Wintertime Bond) is a ram that
I really like. He had the most amazing fleece at birth that we have had here, I think. It was very fine and crimpy from the chin all the way to the tail. It looked identical all the way back. So, we hung onto him to watch him develop, and we liked what we saw. I was initially disappointed that he wasn’t a ewe, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that he could help us create more lambs like him in the future. That’s my goal. He’s not flashy or anything, but very correct!
You never know how an animal will produce, but this ram has so much potential. His fleece has the best density of our rams, and no britch whatsoever. He’s not quite as fine as Bond, but he has better front-to-back uniformity.
I can’t wait to see this guy’s lambs.


Michelle said...

Wow. By their photos, at least, this guy is even better looking than Bond. I really like his "look." Does he carry brown? Is he fully polled? Would he like to flap his fleece and fly to Oregon?

Theresa said...

Nice ram! And I see he is out of one of my favorite ewe as well.

Just remember that a black fleece is usually never as fine as another color because of the amount of pigmentation.

Kelly Bartels said...

Wow, is right. I'm with Michelle, I really like his look, but I'm a fan of the Dillon line too. Pleasing to the eye.

Danny Hansen said...

Theresa, are there limits to how fine a black fleece can get?