Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Whispering Pines Siena x Winter Sky Khan

As readers of this blog know, Whispering Pines Siena is one of our best ewes (she is a Pompey Magnus daughter out of Cor de Nuit). She has a dense, crimpy, and fine fleece with an excellent conformation. Last year, we got a ram out of her when bred to Winter Sky Khan that we felt was as good as his mother in most ways. Barenfang then became sort of our gold standard for how we want our lambs to look. We liked him so much that we gave him a few ewes to see if he could produce that type, and we also repeated the Khan Siena breeding.

This moorit ewe lamb is the result of that breeding and I like her a great deal. Again, this is a very young lamb (the pictures were taken the same day as the photos of Constantinople’s rams and they are the same age).


Kelly said...

I think you have good reason to to optimistic about this lamb. Very nice.

stephen rouse said...

Looks exquistite!