Wednesday, July 4, 2018

What I am working on

Happy 4th!  Part of my day off will be spent in the nice cool basement fiber studio.

Here is a fun video of our twin lambs bottle feeding.  More like racing actually.

Beginning steps of the gradient yarn from Lyanna


Lyanna's gradient yarn ready to wash

Finished carding Baxter

Pretty single from Baxter
Finishing off the second try of a barn hat from Elara

Carding Ygritte, our moorit ewe who is actually for sale

Ygritte's washed fleece on the carding table

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Jean said...

Good to the last drop! Saw the other lamb crawling between the shepherd's legs (might miss something good). Love, love love the lambs tails as they get their milkshake! Brings back fond memories. Happy 4th!