Saturday, February 9, 2019

Breeding Groups - Peter

We used a ram lamb for this breeding group, Whispering Pines Peter out of OK Acres Sarin and Whispering Pines Mr Darcy.  Solid black and just a terrific standout ram.  Hoping to get a good posse of black based ewes from this group, fingers crossed!  Ewes we put with Peter are all Whispering Pines ewes -> English Garden, Edith and Pearl.

Peter as a lamb in lower left with Sarin, English Garden, the group, Edith and Pearl.

To follow is one of my favorite videos of Sarin being a "Stroppy Mare" - v. unhappy with how close I was getting to her baby, now known as Peter after Peter Sagal - the 2018 lamb naming convention being NPR correspondents/celebrities.

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