Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day!  I will be enjoying mine by emptying the van and organizing stuff.  I'll admit that organizing is one of my favorite activities!!!

Was able to have a booth at the Shepherd's Market yesterday in Rush, and had a wonderful time.  Enjoy so much catching up with people that share the same interests as Rich and I, talking about sheep, yarn, spinning, hopes and dreams.  I love hearing about people's journey with working with fiber, and what their plans are with the things they find in my booth that they decide to take home with them.

I did talk with a couple people about how I wash fleeces, so as promised I will post a primer on that later on as I am going to be washing a fleece today.

Here are some photos I managed to take:

This girl sure can knit.  She used wool from our farm and an neighboring farm to create this lovely shawl

The lock samples in the center of this photo are our demonstration of the variety of shetland fleeces, and is a good illustration of what we are and are not breeding for in our flock.

Some raw fleeces from the 2019 clip along the bottom.  I have some more work to do going through the raw fleeces in the next few weeks, then will post on blog for sale.

My modest Majacraft store.  I've been doing some homework on the Majacraft line and I am really glad I made this decision, their products are so amazing and I got a very strong reaction from many people on the quality and the loyalty many have to the brand.

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Thanks for the posts....We love to see them.