2018 Sales List - Ewes

The ewes below are for sale. 
We breed for polled rams.
Prices do not include interstate health papers and/or delivery.
Volume discounts will be considered
50% nonrefundable deposit to hold your selection
Email any questions or if you need more information to jen6265@gmail.com

Thanks for looking!

 Whispering Pines Gwen
DOB 4/23/2016
Turin x Canterbury
2018 SF 22.6


 Whispering Pines Ygritte
DOB 4/24/2017
Vogue x Darcy
2018 SF 23.1


 Whispering Pines Lady Mary
DOB 4/17/2016
Itasca x Canterbury
2018 SF 23.4


 Whispering Pines Jane Eyre
DOB 4/21/2015
Florence x Canterbury
Fawn Katmoget
2018 SF 18.7

White Pines Reawick
DOB 4/19/13
White Pine Robyn x Sheltering Pines TelSayCamden
2018 SF 24.4

Whispering Pines Sienna
DOB 4/22/2011
Sheltering Pines Cor D Nuit x Sheltering Pines Pompey Magnus
Fawn Katmoget
2018 SF 26.2

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