Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just keep 'em coming - Jen

Rich is upstairs taking a nap. He took the week off from work for our peak lambing time. We may have a few stragglers next week, but our expectation (yes. I know. God is laughing as I write) is that we will have the bulk finished by next Sunday.
For the last two nights, we've had lambs delivered into the wee hours, so he is sleeping now while I watch the lamb cam, then it'll be my turn to catch some z's.

Myrtle (Lofty Pine Molly) and Cihat's lambs arrived last night, a jet black pair - ram and ewe. We will keep a close eye on them to see if either looks to be shifting to grey like mom, but Rich said today he thinks they will stay black. We chose this pairing because Myrtle is a very square, correct ewe and Cihat has just a magnificent conformation. That was pretty much the whole deal there. We thought there might be an outside chance of spots, but weren't counting on it. Both lambs carry nice spotting, however, so we knew we would get that!
I think at this point we've hit every main color - we've gotten white, black, grey, and moorit. Plus a nice array of solids and patterns. So far its 3 rams to 9 ewes, so we are expecting a calvacade of rams as we make our way to the home stretch.

I tried to grab a few photos of Tiara's ewe this sunny afternoon. The profile shot I think shows how nice her lines are, just like her parents - Under the Son Tiara and Clover.

We have posted 4 adult ewes for sale on our web site, all excellent breeding stock. Wish we could keep them, but we have a cap on the number of breeding ewes we will maintain in our flock. We think around 18 ewes is the limit, at this point anyways, with Rich's travel and the boys activity schedules. This way they will get the level of care and attention that they so richly deserve. I will try to post their photos tomorrow on the blog, our dial up connection is testing my patience at the moment. I hope it cooperates better for me tomorrow - some days it works, and other days it takes all I have to keep myself from throwing the computer out the window...

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