Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Things that happen while waiting for lambs - Jen

Here is Trixie taking advantage of my empty knitting basket. This basket has been the home of a lace shawl project that I have been toiling over, I'm ashamed to say, for 3+ years. The yarn came from WP Iris who we sold 5 years ago. I wanted to finish it before shearing, but that was not to be. I am close, but I think I am going to run out of yarn before its done. I will have to finish it with Sunny, I think she's the closest in color and texture. I can't wait to blog on that shawl. I hope I don't hate it. I know I'm going to need bifocals by the time its done though, its so hard.

No, we haven't started to breed goats. Here are the girls taking up much less space in the barn since shearing. Rich is behind the stairs out of reach of the camera, and he is scooping out grain. So I captured their frenzy w/the camera.

Sunday afternoon we drove over to cousin Gwen's to help her with shots and worming. We covet her cool barn and beautiful split rail fencing. In addition to the 4 shetlands she adopted from us, she has goats, Guinea hens, a potbelly pig and chickens. Quite the little operation she's got going.

Here is our oldest, Andrew, enjoying a happy reunion with Marigold, one of our starter ewes. Gwen adopted Marigold last year along with Marigolds' two lambs, Lizzie and Leslie. Marigold was with us for 5 years, and it was hard to let her go, but its a comfort to have her close and we visit her often. She was the most friendly and also the dominant ewe in our flock before she left.

Andrew again with Marigold's black ewe lamb. We bred Marigold with Cihat last year and she produced these two stellar lambs. They both have fantastic back lines, straight legs, nice long bodies and really pretty facial bone structure.

You may recall Rich blogging about lambs that he's sold and then experiencing seller's remorse. Well, these are two of them, he would love to have back into his breeding flock. But, you can't keep them all. Marigold is in the center, and I still can't remember which is Lizzie and which is Leslie.

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