Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moorit HST Yuglet Shetland Ram for sale - Rich

DOB 4/24
Sire: Windswept White Pine S24374
Dam: Sheltering Pines Kiraz S15218
Sell Price: $400

We had a nice crop of ram lambs this year that I am quite pleased with! We ended up with more ewes than rams, but what they lacked in numbers, the rams more than made up with quality.
This little yuglet HST flecket ram is a nice example of that. He is out of Windswept White Pine and Sheltering Pines Kiraz.

He’s just a phenomenal ram lamb! He has a soft intermediate fleece with some crimp and a rich moorit color. He may turn to fawn; I’m not sure. His mother appears fawn to me.

He is so square and perfectly marked! His fleece is also very uniform!

I may end up holding onto him, but I really have too many rams already that I’m planning on using this fall, so we had to make a call on this guy. I’d rather see someone else produce nice lambs with him so I can see what he produces. If I hold onto him he’s probably not going to get action this fall. I know some people keep more rams than they use, but I don’t have that luxury unless I invest in more fence.

We’ll see what happens. If I can find a way to use him, I will!

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