Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Violets Katmoget Shetland Ram For Sale

Pike Hill Violet (S25080) x Windswept White Pine (S24374)
Ab/A? BB/B? SS/Ss MM/M?
4/22/08 Single Katmoget Ram

I really like this guy’s conformation, sharp markings, and crimpy fleece! He’s just a solid, sharp looking ram. He also carries yuglet sokket spotting! If I needed another katmoget ram, this guy would be staying right here! Our ram crop was very nice this year, but none of the other rams have a fleece like this guy’s! And he’s so square!

Both of this ram’s parents are katmogets, so it’s possible that this guy might always throw katmoget lambs.

We’ve priced him to sell at $325 because I can’t wait to see what he has in lambs next year, and I haven’t found a way of working him into our ram rotation this fall. He’s simply the best ram we’ve had born on our farm prior to this year, and he’s right there with several of this year’s crop as well!

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