Monday, August 25, 2008

Our getaway spot - Jen

We are blessed with a state park that is 20 minutes away from our house, right on Lake Ontario. It is fitted with nice campsites, trails, a modest playground and an AWESOME lighthouse. You know, its one of those places that you live right next to and only go to when out of towners come to visit and you find yourself saying, "Hang on, why don't we come here more often?". Sort of like Niagara Falls but not really cause I hate Niagara Falls. Another blog topic for another day. So that's where we were last weekend, and here are the photos:

Here is the lighthouse, keeper's residence and carriage house.

You are allowed to tour the residence and go up into the lighthouse. These are the circular stairs that take you up to the top. There is also a 3 bedroom living area on the 2nd floor you can rent for $200 a night.

The light. (There is a really nice tour guide that tells you all sorts of interesting facts and data. Which went in my one ear and whistled right out the other. You will have to come out and see it for yourself if you want to know who was the manufacturer of the light, when it was installed, when it stopped being used, etc. I'm also pretty sure there is a more technical name for it other than "the light")

Andrew, Rich and Will. I am thinking of renaming the boys "Thing one and Thing two" from the Cat in the Hat. Look at the hair! Needless to say I didn't take the picture as I needed both hands to clutch onto the wall of the lighthouse to prevent any accidental falls into the rocky shoal below.

A nice shot of our camp, see the green tent? That's us.

This is the start of the hiking trails.

What is he planning on doing with that tree branch?

The trail leads you to this enchanted oak grove. I was enjoying the peace and quiet and then Will whipped an acorn at my head, so Rich had to put him in a sleeper hold.

Andrew is a unique individual.

Skipping rocks onto the lake, which was unusually calm that morning.

The bridge was out, but made a cool teeter totter.

We are going to state fair Wednesday till Sunday. I'm sure will have much to blog on when we get home! Everyone have a nice labor day weekend!