Wednesday, September 3, 2008

NYS Fair - Jen

Photos from our week at New York State Fair. Met many nice people, revisited with old friends and spent a lot of time learning about sheep and the highly competitive world of the livestock exhibitor. Took a leap of faith with no idea what to expect (didn't even have a place to sleep when we got there!) Everything worked out and we are glad we went!

Silver Maple made a friend!

Fiber artist from Mexico, Jose Buenaventura Gonzalez, trying to spin with my double treadle wheel. He raises a native breed of sheep, dyes with cochineal and indigo, spins and weaves traditional blankets using rather primitive equipment from what he described to me. He was here touring Northeastern cities with an exhibit of his work.

Will had fun telling funny sheep stories to a rapt audience.

Rich and Will screwing around, trying to break my chair. Andrew was at a soccer tournament, he missed the entire weekend.

Silver Maple ready for the show ring. Rich has decided to sell him, will blog with more photos later this week.

The stalls are equipped with v. cool mezzanine for storage or hiding, as the case may be.

Two of the nicest neighbors a girl could ask for.

Me and the "show flock" just before heading out to the ring.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

So how did your beautiful Shetlands DO??? (Not that it matters, if you're like me; it's just wonderful to be amid like-minded shepherds!)

Kara said...

Who are you taking to Rhinebeck? I love the photo of them ready to go into the show ring. They look great! It was nice meeting you.