Friday, June 19, 2009

Added 4 ewes to our sales list - Jen

We've added four ewes to our sales list. This was really hard, especially the adult ones. So here goes:

Whispering Pines Snapdragon is for sale. She is a fawn katmoget smirslet out of Bluff Country Zabrina and Windswept White Pine. Full package ewe here. Great conformation, markings, color, and she is very friendly. She comes up to you, stands for scratches and is very halter trained. In fact the only way I can get photos of her from a distance is to tie her to a post, to prevent her from coming up to me and nuzzling my ear while crouching to take pictures. We are going in a different direction fleecewise, just a preference for us, so we had to let her go.
VCreek Fantasia is also for sale. She is a grey yuglet sokket katmoget out of Vcreek Sparkle and Walnut Rise Ivan. Very fine, uniform fleece, great markings and she has thrown some beautiful lambs for us. She carries polled genetics. We are keeping her two ewes from this year and just can't rationalize keeping 3 grey yuglet sokket kats. She is so friendly its sick. Loves attention, easy on the halter, consistently is the first ewe to walk to me in the morning to say hello.

We also decided to let two of Leyland's ewes lambs from this spring go. We had planned to keep them, but we just don't have the room. So, these are both available. Leyland is exceedingly fine fleeced with a nice crimp and is half polled.

His first ewe lamb is out of our Lavender. She was the last lamb born this year. She carries spots, and doesn't appear to have the side frosting most gulmogets have. She has polled genetics in her bloodlines. She is very close to being halter trained and can leave here by the end of June.

Queen Anne's Lace's ewe is also a black gulmoget, in addition she is spotted and carries brown. She is also out of Leyland. She has a lot of frosting, I actually like it as the yarn will end up being a pretty heathery steely grey, I think. She has a large krunet cap and then a cute little white booger on the side of her nose. Very distinctive appearance. She is also close to being halter trained and can leave here any time.

We have more information on all of these ewes on our website. Would be very happy to send additional photos, fleece samples, micron results on the adults and parents. I also have some roving samples on the adults if you are interested.

Delivery is available.


Juliann said...

Rich, do you think Snapdragon carries polled from her dame? Can you feel any horn buds? Does she have depressions on her horn bud area? Can you e-mail me her micron test results?

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

If I wasn't already keeping my two ewe lambs and lived closer than on the opposite EDGE of the country, I'd snap of Fantasia!