Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ewe A Day - Fantasia

V Creek Fantasia is a wonderful two-year old ewe with a gorgeous single-coated blue-grey fleece. There's very little I don't like about her. As an added bonus, she's the friendliest ewe on our farm. At the fair this year, she would often stick her head through the gate and rest her head on our laps as we sat next to it. As a brood ewe, she brings a lot to the table. I like her bloodlines for one. She's a double F3 Greyling out of Walnut Rise Ivan and V Creek Sparkles. There aren't a lot of spotted sheep out of those lines. She had two very nice ewe lambs this spring that we decided to keep.

You can see her excellent structure in the picture below. Lots of frame and very level.


Mac said...

is her whole fleece this color?

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Yes, her entire fleece is that color. It is darker blue in some areas, but it's pretty consistent.