Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ewe A Day - Primrose

Whispering Pines Primrose is a looker. She is a yearling out of Sheltering Pines Kiraz and Windswept White Pine, who was a striking F3 Jericho who I liked.

I like this ewe a lot and hope to build off of what she brings to the table. She’s very square and level, which is quite unusual for a spotted Shetland (in my experience). Both of her parents were very nice, so she turned out much like I had hoped. Things certainly don't always go that way, as we all know.

She has nice, dense fleece with decent length (about six inches) that tested at 26 and change as a yearling. Her fleece is also quite uniform from front-to-back. She’s also probably my ideal size for a Shetland ewe at about 75 pounds. I don't like them much smaller than that, and that size makes for easier care.

Although we are focused on both fineness and consistency (low CV), our primary goal right now is health, conformation, consistency, and uniformity from front-to-back.

Overall, a very nice spotted ewe.


Donna said...

Still really like this ewe....but then again, I like alot of your ewes!!!

Mac said...

shes pretty i really like her does she have a solid moorit fleece or some white fiber mixed in?