Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ewe A Day - S'more Sparkles

Well, my ewe-a-day has turned into a monthly task. What started as a cool idea now feels like work. We can't have that. Only a few more to go. This might be another sign that our flock is too big.

This is S'more Sparkles - an Ag grey spotted F2 Orion ewe. She has a 5-6 inch, dense, very lustrous fleece! She has an excellent conformation and tail! Overall, she's a very nice ewe who represents the breed very well. I'm not a big Ag guy, but I've always believed in quality first, color and patterns second. I haven't seen many spotted Orion granddaughters, although I'm sure they exist in fair numbers. We're looking for big things from Sparkles. Thanks to Tori for selling us Sparkles.


Theresa said...

Sparkles has grown up to be an outstanding, top notch ewe, not that Tori and I ever doubted it. Who is she bred to?

Donna said...

If you ever decide to part with this girl......nuff said??? Rosie is a delight and we love her! She's doing wonderful!!