Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We finally have some lambs to talk about! Yesterday, Broom Hilda gave birth to this black half-poll ram. His fleece is very dense, soft, and has nice luster. Wintertime Bond is the father and the lamb is 63% UK. Broom Hilda is a Wintertime Blues and Alafair daughter who is either shaela or emsket. We’ll know more once her new fleece starts coming in. Both mother and son are for sale!

On Easter, Constantinople kicked off the season with our first Blue’s Clues lambs. I must say that we are very happy with this breeding!

The ram is the darkest blue-grey katmoget we’ve ever had born here on the farm! I’m a sucker for that color. It’s too early to make predictions about his fleece, but so far so good. It looks a lot like his father's. He also carries spots! I think he’s going to be a good one!

His sister? She’s okay too, I guess. I really like her fleece. Her's looks even more like her dad’s than her brother’s does. It's extremely uniform from head-to-tail! Again, how can anyone know at this age what the fleeces will be like, but they have potential!

The lambs are 55% UK.


Garrett808 said...

I see back spring hand stands coming.

That ewe is SPOT on. Gorgeous.

Congrats on some awesome lambs!

Juliann said...

Rich they are just gorgeous!