Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lamb update

Tiger Lily, our yearling mioget gulmoget, had a grey katmoget ewe out of Bond. She’s a good looking ewe lamb at this point, but I can’t say for sure whether she carries spots. We have to be happy whenever we are given ewe lambs!

S’more Sparkles also lambed the other day and gave us these spotted wonders. The male is an Ag katmoget, and the ewe is a spotted katmoget, who I also believe is Ag. I’ll look her over good when I get more time.

The ram is the most interesting lamb we’ve ever had born here. He is almost completely white, with very little black even on his under carriage!

Morning Glory also came through with a couple of neat lambs, a fawn ram, and a black-based ewe. Both are gul-kats!

I really like these two so far! Bond is the father, so both may carry spots, which makes me very happy.

That leaves us with four ewes left to go. Two will likely hold out until well into May as they were the last ones we put in with Bond.

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Jody said...

Gorgeous with their cute little faces!