Monday, May 3, 2010

Shetland Sheep - Ewe lambs for sale

We are close enough to the end of lambing that we were able to put together a preliminary list of sheep that are available from our flock. We have 4 ewes left to lamb, so there will probably be some additions to the list.
Today I will post the two ewe lambs we are offering for sale.
Wintertime Bond (S29187) and Whispering Pines Tiger Lilly (29810) had a sweet little grey katmoget ewe who carries mioget. She may also carry spots. She carries half poll, since Bond is a polled ram. Her UK content is 42%. We expect she will have a longer length fleece, somewhere in the 6 - 8 inch range. Her mom is also for sale, so she would be available before weaning if you wanted to take both of them.

The other ewe lamb we have is out of Sheltering Pines Blues Clues and Pike Hill Violet S25080. She is a very fancy grey katmoget, with really sharp markings. She might carry brown, and is spotted. She carries horned genetics, and is 42% UK.

We are very happy to answer any specific questions you may have about these two ewes, please contact us via email or phone for more information and for our terms of sale.

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Tony Edger said...

They're beautiful, but what do I know, I react that way to all lambs. Though I spent part of the weekend at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, it wasn't enough and I still had to stop by your blog to see more sheep and lambs.