Monday, May 31, 2010

Ewe lambs for sale

Lambing wrapped up here at Whispering Pines last week, so we have finally completed our list of available sheep. It gets tougher each year to decide which lambs to keep, and after much debate and flip flopping, we decided to let the following ewe lambs go. All are sired by Wintertime Bond, who is a spectacular smooth polled ram. As a result, each of these lambs carries one polled gene.

Tiger Lily and her lamb are both for sale.
This was a tough one because both sheep are lovely and correct. We could make a strong case to keep both, but then we’d have to sell something else to make room. So I do think someone will be happy with either of these ewes. The lamb is a grey katmoget, who carries mioget from her mother. She may also carry spots, as Bond does, and Tiger Lily may as well.

It’s difficult to predict where here fleece will go from here, but it looks to be a very pretty single coated fleece at this point. There doesn’t appear to be two distinct coats, but that could change. I do expect this lamb to be very nice. Excellent conformation! The fleece is soft and crimpy.
Primrose’s girl is a black smirslet who will have a longer fleece. I would say her fleece will end up similar to her mother’s (probably 5” to 6” in length). This lamb has an excellent conformation as well. She carries moorit as well.

The last ewe lamb that will be available this year is Irish Lace’s. This was the last lamb born here this year, so I can’t make any bold predictions about how here fleece will turn out, but she will be double coated. She is a fawn katmoget who carries spots. This one has great bloodlines (Wintertime Black Forrest, V Creek Sarah, and Sheltering Pines Pompey Magnus), and is 45% UK. She is very correct.

I think all of these ewes can add a great deal of quality to the Shetland gene pool. We would certainly be keeping them if we were willing to accept a larger flock. As a result, I think this is a great opportunity to add some great bloodlines to your flocks, without compromising on quality.

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