Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Whispering Pines Irish Lace

This ewe is probably close to my ideal in terms of body type and carriage. She is level and square, but also has a nice body to leg ratio. She is a product of a breeding we did last year between Firth of Fifth Leyland (a Black Forrest son and grandson):
and our own Buttercup. Buttercup was a smaller ewe who had nice body length and overall conformation. I always liked her conformation a great deal. Great legs and topline!
Leyland had longer legs (like his father), but not my ideal body type. It was nice, but not exactly what I like. Irish Lace probably gave us a nice combination of those two sheep. Her fleece is longer, but not quite as dense as her mother’s (who was very dense). She has nice lock structure, and fineness, and I just like a lot of things about her. In my opinion, she is an excellent Shetland, which is a little odd for me to say because she looks nothing like Sparkles, who is also extremely nice. I like them in different ways, I guess.


Donna said...

Hi Guys! Happy Thanksgiving....
I wanted to tell you again how much we adore Rosie! If you get another one of her....call! :0)
Hopefully Rosie is bred to our black ram Xander for this Spring and we can't wait to see what she produces for us! Lace reminds me very much of Rosie....lots of similarities! Again....enjoy your holiday!

Mac said...

shes very pretty guys!