Thursday, June 2, 2011

F3 Orion & Pompey Daughter For Sale

This ewe looks like she might be the last lamb we offer for sale this year. She is out of S’more Sparkles and Pompey Magnus. She is 52% UK genetics, an F3 Orion, and will be Ag. I like her and would like to hold onto her another year for evaluation, but we have more sheep than we are comfortable with right now.

What do I like about her? Her genetics for one thing. Pompey is a great Shetland ram who is correct and very fine. This lamb’s mother has a 4” very dense fleece. I always think her fleece is longer than it actually is. Sparkles is also still less than 30 microns as a three year old, with a low CV as well. Another thing we look for is the quality of the grandparents. I think a lot of Sparkles’ parents. Under The Son Torvus is an F1 Orion, who I have always liked. He has a beautiful dark golden fleece and has all of the properties I like in a Shetland. Sparkles’ mother, Petal, is also very nice, and one of the reasons we got Sparkles in the first place. There are just a lot of generations of nice Shetlands in this lamb’s pedigree.

We were looking to produce a lamb with a 4” fleece like her mother, but with the fineness of the lamb’s father. I do think this lamb will have a 4” to 4.5” fleece, but it’s too early to gage fineness. Her crimp really hasn’t come in yet like I know it will.

Anyway, I think this is a good Shetland lamb that will help someone who is looking to improve their flock. I also think she is capable of producing very fine lambs, and as I said, she will most likely be the last lamb we offer for sale this year, and definitely the last Pompey lamb.

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