Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Irish Lace's Ram

Here’s one of the few ram lambs we’re offering for sale this year. He’s out of Irish Lace and Little Buckaroo, which makes him an F2 Jericho with Black Forrest ancestry. Iris Lace is a Black Forrest granddaughter. This guy is 51% UK.

Here’s my assessment of him thus far:

• He’ll most likely have a full rack. It's possible he'll be scurred, however.

• His fleece will most likely be 4” to 4.5” long with crimp

• He is a fawn katmoget

• He probably carries spots

• He has an excellent conformation

He just oozes Shetland, and would make an excellent flock sire for someone looking to add UK genetics and jump start their breeding program. I think he’s about as good as it gets in horned Shetland rams. I don’t know how fine he will be but both parents had very good micron tests. I do know he’ll have a low CV. If he was polled, he would be staying here.