Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last Ewe Lamb For Sale For 2011

Over the past week, we have started going through our flock again to determine how we are going to proceed this year. Once we decided we’re not breeding ewe lambs, it raised some questions about how many lambs we want to keep through the winter.

As a result, we have decided to sell one more ewe lamb this year. This lamb is out of S’more Sparkles and Sheltering Pines Pompey Magnus. We went back and forth with this lamb this year. First, we were going to keep her, then we sold her, then the deal fell through. Then I was going to keep her again.

She’s a pretty ewe who really should throw fine lambs given her pedigree. She’s an F3 Orion and her father is really fine. I would say her fleece will be about 5” - 6” long. It has a nice handle as well. I don't have micron results on her, but, although she won't be super fine, she won't be coarse either.

Here is a good opportunity to add some polled and fine fleecegenetics to your flock.

And yes, she carries moorit and spots as well. If we were breeding ewe lambs like in the past, she is one that would have a place in our flock.


stephen rouse said...

Wow! Rich and Jen! She's gorgeous! I wish I could fit another lamb into my winter keepers as I'd sure be looking at her hard! Is she sheala? Incredible color. And spotted also! very nice.

Kelly Bartels said...

OMG..........what do I have that I can trade you for that ewe lamb??? She's stunning.

Donna said...

If our deal hadn't fallen through, I would be on your doorstep tonight! Are you guys going to the Tunbridge Vermont shetland event?

Rayna said...

Wow, she's gorgeous!