Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lambing Concludes

The latest lamb to report is out of Whispering Pines Siena. I rarely hope for ram lambs, but if there was one ewe that I was sort of hoping would have a ram it was Siena. Again, she is on our short list of keeper ewes this year because she has many of the Shetland qualities that we like. She has a nice frame without being too heavy in the bone, and her fleece is both dense and super fine. When she was born, I thought she was the nicest overall lamb that we have ever had here. She is out of Pompey Magnus and Cor de Nuit.
This lamb is the result of careful planning and the crossing of several bloodlines that I think a lot of. We bred Cor de Nuit with Pompey because we thought they complimented each other pretty well. Not to mention the fact that I like the way both lines produce. Siena was the result of that work, and also the first ewe Cor de Nuit gave us. I hadn't planned on breeding her last fall, but elected to do so late. So, to get a lamb at all was a nice bonus. To get one like this is a double bonus.  I think this guy is…the nicest lamb we’ve had born here.

He looks very much like Siena did as a lamb, but given that my expectations increase each year and I still feel that way, that tells me he could be something special. Maybe or maybe not, but he’s as promising as any that we’ve had this year. He should be fully polled as well, which is something that he has that Blue Sapphire’s ram does not.
Another thing I like about some of these lambs (including this one) is something pretty unique, but that probably only matters to me. Some of them have a little horizontal wrinkle across their nose. We’ve never seen that before, but their father has it as well. I like this ram’s father a lot and I think, if nothing else, he’ll have his head. I’ll take that.

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Kelly Bartels said...

I can see why you are so pleased with this ram. Very nice indeed.