Monday, May 7, 2012

Lambing Almost A Wrap

We brought in Sommarang Idelle last fall for three reasons: her structure, her fleece, and her bloodlines. But mostly, I liked her structure. Her conformation is right up there at the top of our flock. As I’ve said before, I won’t bring in sheep unless I’ve seen their parents and I think they are nice. I’m not one for sheep that are aberrations in their bloodline. In my experience, those sheep don’t produce well. Well, Idelle’s mother might be nicer than she is, and her father was nice as well. So, when I see a Shetland that is 20 microns (as Idelle was last fall), I want to know what she is out of. Idelle passed that test.

What I had hoped to do with her was breed her to a super fine ram and see if we could get her great conformation with a fleece that we liked even more. Her moorit ewe lamb this year has that potential. It’ll take some time to determine what she will look like, but she looks promising. Sorry about the pictures, but her mom just doesn't like her near humans when they are out on pasture.
What I can tell you is that she is moorit and spotted. I don't know how fine she will be, of course, but she is quite soft.

It’s no secret that Wintertime Itasca is one of our favorite ewes because: she has a very nice fleece, has nice Shetland type, and throws exceptional lambs. We had her on our initial sales list this year because we had to sell something to get our numbers down, and we felt that we have enough good ewes now that we could do without her. Well, this little moorit ewe lamb is making us think twice about that. When you breed Itasca to super fine rams, she produces. I just love this lamb! She is very feminine and refined. I especially like her head. I think most of our ewes have typey heads, but this one is just what we are after, and it's an attribute that we continue to refine in our program.
Just a beautiful beautiful lamb, who I think will only look better when she fills out.


corinne said...

You have some gorgeous lambs again this year!

Barb's Place said...

very beautiful lambs, I'm partial to the blacks also.