Friday, November 23, 2012

Sommarang Isla

I brought this ewe in from Wisconsin last year for several reasons. First, I liked her fleece and conformation. Really, that doesn’t mean much because I wouldn’t bring in a ewe unless that was true. But I also liked her mother and father a great deal, which is a must with all sheep that we have in our flock.

Her mother was reserve champion ewe at the 2010 WSWF, which means very little to me except that I really liked her. Her father was grand champion ram and reserve champion Shetland (finishing 2nd to Salicional) at the 2011 WSWF. Plus, I felt he was one of the better Shetland rams I have seen. Isla’s yearling fleece tested out at 22.5 microns, which is right in the area we target for yearlings, but it also has nice uniformity and crimp.

Overall, she’s just a nice ewe and is maturing just as I had hoped. She doesn’t have all of the attributes that Constantinople has, but her fleece is nicer. Plus, she's modified!

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