Monday, May 9, 2016

2016 Lambs - Final Installment

Last Sunday, White Pine Reawick had this really nice grey katmoget ram out of Mr. Darcy. I don’t know that this helps us much, but when things settle down, I’ll take a closer look at the genetics and come to some sort of decision. We obviously were looking for white, but we only have two grey katmoget rams, so we’ll need to think about what this one brings to the table from a genetic standpoint. Reawick’s two year old SF is 23.4 microns, which is quite good. I also like that she is an F3 Jericho.

This is going to be a tough year trying to sort out all of this. We have more top quality sheep than we have space to house them, and the heavy ewe year that we are having is going to force some really hard decisions.

Mustang Sally was the last ewe to lamb this year. She is one of those two year old ewes I keep running on about. I don't have my cheat sheet in front of me, but I believe she is out of Khan and Pearl. These lambs are out of Mr. Darcy.

The moorit is a ewe, and the katmoget is a ram. I like both of them pretty equally, but the ram is in the top three this year in terms of overall quality. He is probably second behind Venice's and very close to Rosanna's. All three are fawn katmoget's though, so we'll have to keep an eye on their development. I said I would not keep anymore fawn kats, but now I am strenuously objecting, so I will have to reconsider. It's funny how quickly you forget how good last year's lamb crop was because it was so yesterday.

Biggify the bottom picture of the ram if you want to see what a Shetland lamb fleece can look like.

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