Friday, May 6, 2016

2016 Lambs - Third Installment

April 27th was a sucky weather night and not much fun for lambing either. Just after midnight, Rosanna had this fawn katmoget ram out of Canterbury, which used up all of my pens. I had to head out to the back 40 in the rain and drag one of our 10 foot wide pasture gates into the barn to fashion a makeshift lambing pen. Not something you really want to do at 2 am on a cold rainy night. As distracted as I was, I did notice that this is going to be one heck of a lamb. I've already nicknamed him velvet. He is also unusually light for a fawn katmoget. He's easily the lightest one we've had in a while.

Just as I got the pen rigged up, Venice had this fawn katmoget ram out of Rosewood. It’s always fun to put all that effort in at 2 am for two fawn katmoget rams. Yeah. On a positive note, I personally think this ram is one of the nicest lambs so far this year. Since he is a dark chocolate, he actually might have a role here in the future. What was odd is that he is one of the darker katmogets we have had here, and Rosanna’s was one of the lighter ones. I still find it interesting how different the colors can be in katmogets. Sometimes they are very light tan, and other times they are milk chocolate.
One's memory fails to recollect all of the small differences in lambs from year-to-year, but I think this one ranks in the top five certainly. I like him even more now that I see him running around side-by-side with the others. Since he is out of Rosewood, this one gives me options for the future.

We had a little bit of a break after Venice before Sarah (AKA Picasso face) had a fawn katmoget ewe out of Canterbury at 4 am on 4/28. Picasso face is out of Stonehenge and Kiyah and has a 22.6 micron SF. Picasso face is two years old. She is noteworthy in that she has a really nice fleece and is spotted. Those two things don’t usually go hand-in-hand on our farm, but it's awesome when it does.
As I completed this post, I realized I have no picture of this lamb, so I may have to rely on our friend Hannah to help us out with that, sice each day now seems busier than the last. In the meantime, this is Picasso face as a lamb two years ago and then last fall.

Okay, here is Picasso face's ewe lamb:

Mustang Sally and Reawick are up next and then we are going to call this a wrap for 2016.

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