Friday, September 23, 2016

Beautiful Creations

Here are some fo's made from yarn from the farm, made by a true appreciator of Whispering Pines Soft Shetland Wool:

I am just amazed by her skill and creativity.


Theresa said...


Kelly said...

Wow is right!! I love how unique the designs are........well done.

English sheep gal said...

Wow, just beautiful, love them all, but the blue kids hat is fun, will have to send you the pic of the hat I made from your yarn - you could start a photo album to have out on display at the Fiber Festivals! I remember the first year I talked with you at Knox Farm, you had the brown / white handknit Shetland natural color sweater hanging next to a pen with a brown / white Shetland sheep in it which was visually amazing to me!