Saturday, February 10, 2018

What I am working on

Spent a little time this morning with the ram lambs from 2017.  We keep them separate from the adult rams until they get a little bigger.  I got some nice photos I'll blog later this week, here's just a couple.  

Finished the knitted knockers for Sharon, they'll be delivered on her birthday on the 16th with the rest of the care package my coworkers put together.  Made them from Elara, they are so nice and soft.  Yes, I did try them on.

Plying the experimental self striping yarn - I think it worked out well and will be making up packages of .2 or .1 oz batts in different natural colors to sell to spinners to make their own stripy creations.

Still trying to get Marianne carded.  The knockers took up most of my wool time last weekend.  Love saying knockers.

Last of Lady Mary plied and ready to wash.  Can you tell what
fairy tale is being depicted in the print behind the yarn?

Working on another article for submission to Spin Off.  Not telling what its about.  Would love ideas for future articles if you have any.  Hannah?

Got a very nice message from a spinner I met in Wisconsin asking for more neck wool with very good feedback from her first experience spinning our soft shetland wool,  Made my day.  Then, found a bag of neck wool in garage I forgot I had, so will have fun picking through it today to select some to wash and card for more neck wool batts.  I am truly the luckiest girl in the world.

And finishing the toe on Will's second sock, worked on last night during Olympics while Cody slept in his chair under his sleeping bag.

Decided I will make a pompom for the Bousta Beanie as was inspired by the adorableness of pompoms on many of the hats on parade during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last night.

Finland Olympian.  Want this pattern.


Michelle said...

The Princess and the Pea. Love the dreads on the black kat!

English sheep gal said...

Jen - you know I'm always full of ideas!!!

Haven't read any magazines for ages, any way you can link to the previous article you had published in Spin Off, or tell us what it was about?

Maybe I'll get a recent edition, and see what kind of articles they have, then I'll be more than happy to put my thinking hat on.

Finished my Reawick yarn cowl, and had yarn left to make a headband too, will try and get some pics for you.