Saturday, February 3, 2018

What I am working on

First of all, the girls wanted to say good morning to you all:

I love how they are all looking at us except the one center right eating hay off her friend's neck.

She's got crazy eyes

Had to finish the Bousta Beanie cause I needed the white for a gift I'm making for a woman at work who just had a masectomy

Still needs ends tucked in and blocking.  And yes, it is huge.  Not doing pom pom, too fiddly.

Plan to knock off two of these today in white for Sharon from work, feel free to include her in your prayers.

Carded up the neck wool into 1 oz batts to sell at upcoming fiber event in Rochester

I never know who the neck wool is from but I think the middle one is Itasca as she has old lady grey bits in hers which I love.

Carding Marianne

Drying Elizabeth Bennett

And I had an idea I am trying out, will make pairs of .2 oz batts in combos so spinners can make self striping yarns.  Trying it on the wheel today to see how it works.  Will be great for all the odds and ends of flicked locks that are left  over after I card into one oz batts

And will be posting these yarns to etsy this week:

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