Sunday, January 28, 2018

What I am working on

Starting to card up skirtings - this is neck wool that gets skirted cause its not covered by the coat, but there are some really nice bits, so I card into 1oz batts to sell.  Usually I can't tell who each clump is from.  Here are some of the carded locks ready for the drum carder today.

I am washing Elizabeth Bennet's fleece - coincidentally at same time watching Masterpiece Theater's Death Comes to Pemberly.

I don't have many fleeces left that I need to process, would be cool to be done before shearing, that rarely happens.  Here is Marianne's fleeces washed and ready to move to carding table

Washed Dowager Countess's two skeins yesterday, one is creamy white, the other is a very gentle gradient yarn, she didn't have any moorit, the darkest wool went to a nice mocha color.  Once dry I'll get these marked and popped into the etsy shop.
Lady Mary Skein and the gradient yarn from Milan, dried and ready to post in Etsy.

No point in showing knitting as little progress, did turn heel on Will's second sock, but lost track of the turns last night after a couple glasses of wine, so decided to leave for today.

That's it for this weekend, today is totally empty so lots of wool activity for me on the schedule!

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