Monday, January 22, 2018

2017 Breeding Groups - OK Acres Aries

Aries yearling Spinning Fineness: 20.9 microns. Not quite as good as Nitro's, but still very 
good (and I always have to qualify this with the statement) for a black. I do not like his fleece 
as much as Nitro's, but then again, we've never had a black-based Shetland with fleece characteristics like Nitro's. I hope to some day. Fineness is important, but handle elasticity, staple length & structure, etc. are all hugely important also.
We probably gave him more ewes that we should have given that he hasn’t produced 
anything yet, but he is a good black ram (spotted) and I think worth the gamble. Having said 
that, I have no one to blame but myself if it doesn’t work out.

Cora – fawn katmoget Canterbury daughter. Very fine, but I’ll gamble with fawn katmogets 
(psssst…we have too many of them).
Gwen – Another fine moorit out of Canterbury and Turin. Mrs. Patmore’s twin sister. Spots? 😁
Isobel – Fine moorit out of Canterbury and Kahlua.
Lady Rose – Isobel’s twin.
Marianne – Fawn katmoget out of Egyptian Autumn and Pearl.

The only thing we’re really trying to achieve here is convert fawn katmoget ewes into
black-based lambs. 

Aries has good traits that should reinforce what we have in these ewes. If these ewes 
settle, we’ll have good lambs from this group. I don’t expect spots, but it could happen.

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