Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ewe a day - Yara

We were expecting big things out of many of our ewes this year, but none came with more anticipation than Fanny, who is one of our best. Fanny had a stunning yearling fleece and we were hoping to get a ewe lamb with the same qualities. Yara is that ewe lamb. She is out of Fanny and Nitro. It’s not surprising we are getting so many fawn katmogets, because for several years, we bred almost exclusively with katmogets and there are certainly some double patterned ewes out there. I don’t know if Fanny is one of them, but she might be. At any rate, Yara is not double patterned and that gives us more options in the future as we try to bring more balance to out flock colors and patterns.

And that is it for the ewe-a-day posts for 2017. Lots of good ewes, which means we will have many stunning ewes for sale this spring. The bulk of them will be fawn katmogets (hopefully not all), but that likely means that there will be some exceptional quality ewes for sale that would not be if they were a different color/pattern. Too soon to say. Next up, breeding groups.

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English sheep gal said...

Thanks for the virtual flock tour, I have especially enjoyed seeing how the Downton Abbey Gang I photographed as lambs have grown up.

I don't know what double patterned is, if you have time to explain that one day, and how you can tell if a sheep is double patterned or not?