Saturday, January 20, 2018

What I am working on

I am carding Dowager Countess for batts.  I am in love with this fleece.  It is so dense and crimpy and fine and the length is perfect.  So I'll card up the lighter into batts and then spin the fawn into a gradient yarn.
Carded locks ready for the drum carder

Dowager as a baby, can't stand how cute she was

So dense and squishy

Here she is from a summer photo shoot - just a lovely elegant ewe

Cobwebby fine and beautiful luster.  I have to say it has been one of the best fleeces I have processed in a long time.

Bagged up and ready for etsy

There is nothing on the wheel, I'll be washing Marianne's lamb fleece - can't sell as a raw fleece because it had a lot of second cuts and some matting from the rise.  

Pretty girls smelling Marianne's fleece - they think it might be hay.

I've been asked to post fleeces for sale so will be adding a page to the blog.  Hope you like fawn kat cause thats pretty much all I have left.

Still working Bousta Beanie - once again it will be huge.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.  Good thing I have a big head.

Will has laid claim on the socks I'm making from ram wool - he was already wearing the one I finished, had to track it down in his room in order to check dimensions on the second sock.  The boys love handspun knit socks.
Then will be washing these two skeins, one is the gradient and one is from Lady Mary.
Also will be posting on etsy these 2 bags of batting from Lady Mary - 1 oz batt, 3 per bag.  She is really nice, will be a lovely spin for someone.

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