Wednesday, August 12, 2009

County Fair - Jen

Our Niagara County fair was this past weekend. We had a really good time at the fair as always. Its a lot easier when the boys are older and take more responsibility for getting the sheep ready for show and daily care. A little bribing also works wonders. The shetlands were a big hit, again the only wool breed at the show, but we are used to it and value the opportunity to educate and exhibit the breed.

Here's Will with Fantasia. Love the hoodlum slumped in the background...
Both boys showed adults for showmanship and then brought little lambs for the breed classes. They both placed fourth in showmanship, they were pleased. Usually they just get plucked out first and put at the end of the line. Caught up with our 4h friends and just had a real nice time.

Andrew is getting a little tall to be showing shetlands without a halter. Next year he will have to hit the massage booth after the show...

There was a balloon sculptress at the fair, she made this whole scene from balloons. Remarkable.