Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fiber progress

During the fiber festivals, I demo flick carding and spinning.  I pull locks from a washed fleece, flick them and spin them up.  

Blue Sapphire's fleece was selected this year because it is so pretty and has beautiful lock structure and I love spinning her.

Anyways, plied last weekend, and ended up with two dreamy creamy skeins with a little bit of grey flecks every so often to pay homage to her grey spots.

Also carded those cobwebby locks from Pamela, yielding beautiful cloudy carded locks like this.

Which spun up into nice singles.  I have 1/2 a bobbin of cream colored which i selected from her fawn katmoget fleece.  The plan is to fill a second bobbin with the same amount of white, and then do a gradient down to the darkest color from her neck wool, so the yarn will make a pretty transition from creamy white to rich cocoa brown. 

This makes really cool hats if you start with the dark around the brim, then lighter up to the crown.  Maybe I'll turn this into hat and then blog it.  Just decided, yup, that's the plan.