Monday, June 5, 2017

Top Lambs - Part Deux

I promised to introduce some of the other lambs that we've had this year and in my never ending quest to get pictures of them, I had some success.

The first one is out of English Garden and Mr. Darcy. English Garden is an F2 Jericho ewe that was born here on the farm out of Itasca. She's currently the coarsest ewe in the flock at an SF of 26.7 microns. Not too shabby considering her nice staple length and great density (one of the densest fleeces in the flock). Mr. Darcy is a two year Canterbury son with an SF of 18.8 microns, which is close to his father's.

English Garden also had a ewe out of this pairing, but I could not get her in the picture. Both lambs are excellent and very similar. The ewe is a little smaller and that's about it.

This black ram is out of one of our moorit ewes that are all pretty similar. He was the last lamb we had this year and I believe he is out of Kelly Kelly (I don't have my notes in front of me). His father is Mr. Darcy. Pretty nice black ram.

This spotted ewe is out of Nitro and is quite nice. Lots of presence with this one. The grey katmoget ram behind her in the bottom picture is out of Mr. Darcy.

This black ram is out of Reawick and Mr. Darcy. I think this guy is going to be very nice. He just has a good look about him.

I'll close with this guy out of Jany Eyre. He continues to be my favorite and the camera always finds him.

I also like this dark chocolate ram, however, out of Mr. Darcy.