Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shetland wool - Jen

I am sitting here posting stuff to etsy, checking out farm blogs, planning on what I am going to dye/spin/card/knit (choose one) today, daydreaming about lambing, dreading going out in the cold for chores, worrying about shearing day...when I realized - these sheep have taken over my life! I think there's a word for it, what would you call it?

Anyways, I've posted some more stuff to etsy:

This is one of a few batts I posted, I'm calling it "Purple Mountains Majesty", catching the wave of patriotism from the inauguration. Its Lily, I dyed batches of turquoise, scarlet and orchid and then blended them on my drum carder. I hate making painting roving. I am terrible at it, its a mess and I waste a ton of dye, so I am going to focus on blends instead.

The next two are raised, processed, spun and knit by me. A hat from Woody :and mittens from our girl, Buttercup. Both moorit. Buttercup has white patches, so I work it in, love the random highlights. Not a lot of white when you look at the unspun wool, but it really stands out once its knit.

Friday, January 23, 2009

View from my kitchen window - jen

This is what I see on those mornings when its nice enough to feed them outside.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hat from cihat

I made a second hat from Cihat, may end up being an annual tradition. Mom scorched hers trying to dry it too close to fire. We now know for a fact that wool doesn't burn...So if she wants another one she can buy it on my etsy shop. Only the first one's free. Who am I kidding, we all know what Doris wants, Doris gets.

So here is the source animal, what the wool (roving) looked like pre - spun and the hat.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catchup - Jen

Rich had his tonsils out last Monday, he is pretty uncomfortable, but we are hopefully in the last stretch. He goes back to work next Monday.

I did a lot of wool production over the holidays, knitting and processing mainly. So I will be posting more stuff on the etsy shop.

The ewes are all healthy and woolly - is it the cold weather that makes them look woolier than prior years? The rams are ok. Black Walnut broke off a horn, which is sickening, cause they were gorgeous. But, he's fine.

Had a great 4h fiber class a few weeks ago, well attended and really good students! We made the cd drop spindle, learned to spin and I've heard back from a few that are sticking with it and are ready to start plying! Our next meeting will cover plying, making a lazy kate and a quick review of carding. If we have time, we may start needle felting. Dates for the classes are on my website.

Here is some batting I made from one of many gorgeous shetland fleeces I got from a friend down near the city while I was there during Rhinebeck. I don't know the name of the ewe, I call it "Joe's Fawn Ewe". It is otherworldly. I posted some of it on etsy, and held back some for myself. It is spinning up like butter!