Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shetland wool - Jen

I am sitting here posting stuff to etsy, checking out farm blogs, planning on what I am going to dye/spin/card/knit (choose one) today, daydreaming about lambing, dreading going out in the cold for chores, worrying about shearing day...when I realized - these sheep have taken over my life! I think there's a word for it, what would you call it?

Anyways, I've posted some more stuff to etsy:

This is one of a few batts I posted, I'm calling it "Purple Mountains Majesty", catching the wave of patriotism from the inauguration. Its Lily, I dyed batches of turquoise, scarlet and orchid and then blended them on my drum carder. I hate making painting roving. I am terrible at it, its a mess and I waste a ton of dye, so I am going to focus on blends instead.

The next two are raised, processed, spun and knit by me. A hat from Woody :and mittens from our girl, Buttercup. Both moorit. Buttercup has white patches, so I work it in, love the random highlights. Not a lot of white when you look at the unspun wool, but it really stands out once its knit.


Nancy K. said...

VERY pretty, Jen!
Do you dye each color separately and then blend the batts?

How do you do the moorit with white so that the white spins distinctly like that?

You're etsy shop is looking GOOD!

Amber said...

Great stuff! Especially love the hat courtesy of Woody.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've added your shop to my favorites on Etsy. :)

Michelle said...

How much is it to list things on Etsy, and does fiber sell well? I am thinking about shearing coming up, and have the roving done last year to sell.

Doolallysally said...

Hi Jen
Nive to meet you and thanks for popping over to my blog. Your life is so different to mine (as an urban UK townie!) that I find it fascinating. I'll drop by again soon.
Love Sal