Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First Post - Jen

Rich and I are planning a trip to Indiana and Michigan in mid July to pick up 8 sheep from 6 different farms. Our intent is to introduce new genetics, colors and markings to our flock. Will be a whirlwind sheep tour, leaving early Wednesday AM, visit three farms, and then return Thursday night, driving through the night when the air is cool and the sheep will be comfortable in the back of the truck. Mom, I know I have like a thousand cousins in the area, but we will not have time to visit them. I'm really sorry.

Dreading the drive, but excited about bringing in the new additions to the flock. Also, its going to be fun to meet with other shetland breeders and to tour their farms.

Going outside now before it gets too hot to work with the lambs.

Back in now, and it was in fact too hot. But we walked them all, and the four fair lambs were set up square and also led around the barn by the head, which is a requirement for the Niagara County fair.

Here is a photo of Will with Lily from last year's NC Fair. No halter allowed, must lead the lambs by placing your hand under their chin. Hand on top of the head is allowed, but not optimal.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hi, I just found your blog from a link on another Shetland breeder's blog. I think I have 40 Shetland blogs bookmarked now! It's fun to read see all the variety in and opinions about Shetlands, and read about other people's lives and interests outside of Shetland sheep. I read through all your entries (good thing you have a new blog!) and enjoyed them. We're 45 with one boy, and I'm a stay-at-home mom, too (with a part-time business). I'm a little jealous that you are BOTH into the sheep; my husband is a reluctant participant, so I keep my operation very small. I will never get to play with all the colors and patterns like you are doing, but that's okay. I love my girls (and now one little boy who is to be my flock sire for awhile) and have gained so much by adding them to our lives. You are welcome to visit my blog, too, and read about our lives on the opposite side of the continent!