Saturday, June 30, 2007

Stuff I Made - Jen

I completed a few projects this week, and now want to show them off!

I just finished hat this morning. I modified a v. simple two needle pattern which I am going to type up and offer with yarn I am selling in my local yarn shop. Well, the yarn isn't selling, more like just sitting there on display. In order to actually sell my yarn, I was advised to create some patterns to go with the yarn with knit up examples. So here it is. Yarn is from Cihat, exceedingly soft. The stripes are created by randomly combining his black and white wool as I spun it (I spin from locks that I flick out in front of my little 13" tv in the basement). 200 yards makes this cute little chapeau, modeled by Will, who probably didn't even realize I put it on his head and took his picture, so absorbed was he by his Saturday morning cartoons.

Next, I needle felted a miniature version of our uber ram, Cihat, as a suprise for Rich when he came home from work one day this week. How cute is this!!! The horns need work. Only poked myself about 6 times.

Then, just a skein of some black yarn from a wether who will be heading upstate in the next few weeks to a very nice handspinner I just met this year. This was his lamb fleece, as black as black can be. Its a little scratchy, which suprised me since his wool was pretty soft. I think the locks were so short and so a lot of ends are sticking out, making it feel a little itchy. We may have sheared him too early, plus that, the shearer was struggling to get his clippers through the dense lamb fleece, so there were a lot of second cuts and stuff. Kind of sad, really. Not sure what I'll do with it yet. I was only able to salvage enough fleece to get this 300 yard skein and another 100 yard one that is till on the two spokes of my kitchen chair, waiting to be washed. This is how I hang my skeins to dry after I spin them in my washing machine. Works like a charm.

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Katie said...

Only 6 times? That's pretty good!!