Monday, July 2, 2007

The Impenetrable Fortress - Jen

Rich built a crate for transporting the sheep this weekend. It can be lifted on an off the truck, provided you have the strength of Hercules. It has a plywood top to provide shade, top has been painted white to reflect the sun, and side slats are close enough to prevent lambs from escaping and heads from getting stuck. Hog panel section will be attached to back for easy access. We tested it out with our flock, we were able to fit 8 lambs and one yearling with room to spare. Now, we hear that midwestern sheep are a lot bigger than ours, but we should be in good shape. Rich will bring an additional dog crate that can fit in the back bench of the truck, just in case.

Its the first day of free swim lessons and the summer drama club at the library, plus scouts tonight at 6:30. Have to go to scouts in order to get the supplies list for camp, a week long sleepover in southern NY. Plus groceries. First week of summer vacation, my kitchen has been stripped bare by my ravenous preteen boys. must restock.

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