Saturday, July 7, 2007

We took our show lambs out around the pond tonight to give them some exposure to more distractions. The kids normally do all of the practicing inside the safety of our pasture.

In Niagara County, the kids aren't allowed to use leads during the show, but we need them when we're out in the open like this. Even with the leads, Will almost let one get away. They are so small to work with.

This picture is Andrew with Robert E. Lee. This ram is turning into a stunner. We may keep him this winter and breed him to a ewe unless he sells first (which he probably will)! He doesn't show it, but he was born with nice krunet patch of white so he carries spots at the very least. His father was like that.

The next picture is his sister Poppy. She is also soooo cute! We were going to keep her, but then decided we wouldn't, then decided to do it, then not. She just sold to a lucky breeder. I can't wait to see what kind of lambs she has.

The next picture shows Andrew and Will doing a nice job setting up the rams. The smirslet ram is Tecumseh Sherman and you already met Robert E. Lee. This year we named our rams after southern generals. Next year we will probably switch to Union generals. Jeb Stuart isn't shown.

The last picture is of Heather and Poppy. Both were keepers that we ended up selling. Both have taken nicely to the lead, so we'll be showing them at both the Erie and Niagara County fairs. Both should do well. We don't really have shetland classes in New York, so they have to show against the large meat breeds. Judges usually prefer the larger animals (plus they don't know how to judge the primitive breeds). Our sheep leader set up shetland classes for the Niagara County fair, but our kids are the only entries. We hope to change that soon, but so far, things haven't taken off. We have this fantasy that the light will come on some day and all the goat and meat people will make the switch.
Why wouldn't they?

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