Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Road trip - jen

Said goodbye to Jeb Stuart this morning at 3:30 am. Rich took him along on the road trip for an ultimate delivery in OK. First stop will be Allegan Michigan to pick up two lambs. Just spoke with Rich on the phone, he just entered Indiana at 11:23 am. He said the road conditions are pretty poor, the weather is hot and humid and Jeb is squawking nonstop. Rich ended up not using the crate he made, rather we were able to borrow a horse trailer with a lot more room. We decided its best for me to stay home and keep an eye on new lambs, rams, water levels in the buckets and keep the kids running to their various activities.

Here is his route, since he has an animal, doesn’t want to deal with getting there via Canada. Adds time and miles, but what are ya gonna do. Couldn’t get the map software to do route through US, so just did it from Cleveland. Easy to get to Cleveland from where we are (great city by the way, spent a long weekend there with the kids once, great time, lots to do).

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bopeep said...

But, trailers can hold more sheep! Can Rich be trusted not to buy more sheep? Way funny, cute ram,